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Nobody will ever know how hard the work really was: the new CLEANTEX CT 26 and CT 36 Dust Extractors.

Compact, but also big. Light, but particularly powerful. Just as uncompromising as it is adaptable: apparent opposites come together in the new CLEANTEX, which removes all the traces of work before they can be seen.

With compact dimensions and low weight, bringing greater flexibility to the building site and the shop floor. With swivel castors for steering and rear wheels made from specially designed material for reduced wear. With a locking brake and precisely balanced, low centre of gravity to ensure stability on any surface. And with a modular plug-in system for quick and simple customising - from an additional power socket to an integrated compressed air port.

For an impressive display of just how big something small can be, take a look under the removable upper section of the new CLEANTEX. With a newly developed dust container, the SELFCLEAN filter bags specially optimised for use with it, and an in-built, space-efficient flat filter. Driven by a high-power turbine, these features mean the CLEANTEX picks up significantly more dust. Inside and outside, powerful and with consistently high suction, even over long periods of use.

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