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Festool Portable Circular Saws

Modern portable circular saws have to meet many requirements. They have to be mobile and versatile but still have to work almost as precisely as bench-mounted tools. Festool makes this possible.

Circular saws fit perfectly onto the guide rail and the patented splinterguard ensures that cuts are as straight as they are splinter-free. The TS 55 and TS 75 circular saws are true examples of versatility and mobility. They have many features such as the FastFix saw blade changing system and intelligent MMC electronics. And if you are impressed with the machine as a separate unit, you will be amazed when you see it as part of a system.

Key to Plunge Saw abbreviations:

E = intelligent MMC electronics, variable speed and speed maintained under load
B = quick-acting brake system for safe operation
Q = Plug-It lead system
Plus = supplied in a systainer
FS = supplied with a 1400mm guide rail

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