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Festool Powerstation

Power socket to go. The SYS-PowerStation provides power. Even where there would otherwise be none. As a high-performance energy storage solution, it allows users to be independent of traditional power sources, such as electrical outlet modules, generators or site distribution boards, to guarantee predictable everyday work. Without the need to find a power supply or the hassle of pulling cables, overloaded site distribution boards or problems with fuses switching off. With 2,990 watts permanent power and up to 18,000 watts short-term power, it provides enough energy to power all mains-powered tools, even extractors, large saws and hammer drills. Continuously with no losses of performance. Compact and mobile, it saves 1,500 watt-hours of energy, for most applications, that is sufficient for a whole working day. Just like a normal 240 V electrical outlet module.

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