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Festool NEW ROTEX RO 90 DX

RO 90 DX: Four machines in one.

The three main benefits.

1. Versatility - 4-in-1: Coarse sanding, fine sanding, delta sanding and polishing: Always the right machine at hand for maximum flexibility.

2. Efficient material removal and professional results: Removes up to three times more material than average = Perfect working results in no time at all.

3. Perfect handling, ergonomic shape, low weight: Effortless work, even on vertical and overhead surfaces, easy guidance with one hand.

The main features

Four machines in one. The ROTEX principle. Lightweight and ergonomic. Jetstream principle: Efficient dust extracton, healthy and dust-free. The perfect system: Clean workspace with mobile dust extractors. FastFix changing: Rapid changes between sanding, polishing and delta pads. Short set-up times. Compatible accessories & consumables, special sanding pad for slats and high performance abrasives. Always perfectly prepared for the task in hand.

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