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Festool NEW T-LOC Systainers

Lock. Open. Connect. With a single turn.

Engage in position, turn towards and you're done. The T-LOC SYSTAINERS were designed to fit on CT mobile dust extractors with SYS-Dock as well as all previous models of Festool SYSTAINER and are opened and connected with one another with a single turn. Modern design with rounded corners for safer transportation. Sophisticated: when two T-LOC SYSTAINERS are connected to one another, the bottom SYSTAINER can still be opened. Quick and easy to operate with one hand. The new central control element T-LOC combines 3 functions in one. LOC stands for Lock, Open, Connect. No possibility for confusion: labelling panels for inserting business cards or labels that you can create yourself and design individually on the Festool homepage. Upright transportation: an attachable additional handle is available for size 1 and 2 T-LOC SYSTAINERS.

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